Why do we live in a world where we constantly feel like we need to say sorry?

“Sorry I’m late”

“Sorry I missed your call”

“Sorry for if what I said offended you”

“Sorry for telling the truth”

“Sorry I made a mistake”

“Sorry I’m not good enough”

“Sorry I can’t afford that”

“Sorry I can’t make it”

I mean, the list can obviously go on and on.

Why do we say sorry so often? Why has this become a core factor in our communication?

The Bad Day

I started thinking about this the other night, Monday night, after I had an epically frustrating and awful day. It was one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, and the universe seems particularly focused on making you suffer. Things had also been building up for a few days that had been wearing on me, and finally it just broke me.

Because of everything seeming to go wrong, and that had built up, I ended up being in the worst mood. I was easily defeated and frustrated, and had the worst attitude about everything. I snapped at people. To say the least, I was not the most pleasant person that day.

After such a day like that, I felt like I had been an emotional tornado ripping through everything and everyone I had crossed paths with, and I felt this intense guilt and need to apologize for being in such a foul mood and having had the worst attitude.

Later that night, I was hanging out with a few girlfriends and one in particular brought up the subject of how we as a society, especially women, feel the need to apologize too often and when its not even necessary.

She said something so simple yet so profound, and I thought about it so much since then:

Don’t apologize for being human, and for what you’ve done. Embrace who you are, accept what has happened in that moment or in that day, learn from it, and move on. Own who you are, own your choices and your mistakes, and let them refine you.

So no… I did not in fact owe anyone from that day an apology. It is only human to have a bad day, to be in a grumpy mood sometimes, and to every once in a while lose my cool.

In essence I did nothing wrong, but why did I feel such strong guilt about needing to apologize for the way I handled it that day? In reality I just had a bad day, and everyone has bad days. Instead of feeling sorry or saying sorry, I needed to adjust my perspective and just learn from the ways I reacted and move on.

Tired of Being Sorry

So the truth is, I’m tired of being sorry.

Why am I allowing society dictate how I should feel? How I should act, or what I should be doing?

I don’t believe I was given this life, just to have to apologize for it constantly. Should a fire apologize for burning? Or the water for being wet? No. So why then, do we feel like we should apologize for being human?

I’ve made a resolution that from now on I will live unapologetically as my authentic self. At least I will try my best!

No one gets to decide when I’m “too much”; no one gets to tell me when I’m “too loud” or that I’m “wrong”, or decide my passions in life.

It is my humanly given right to make mistakes, to have control and ownership of my choices, to be messy and sometimes reckless, to be a bit wild and untamable; and I won’t apologize for it anymore. This is me, take it or leave it.

That being said, though, of course this does not include instances where I do end up making a choice or mistake that does hurt someone else. Then of course I will own that and apologize to them. I’m not a monster, people ūüôā

Things We Need to Stop Apologizing For

I’ve compiled a list of things I think we all need to stop apologizing for, especially we as women. I’ve also included some examples to help clarify the points behind them:

01. Your Personal Priorities

They are yours, and you get to decide what is important and what is not. The end.

02. Your Flaws

We are all uniquely made, and given unique purposes and skills. So something we end¬†up lacking or failing at, shouldn’t be something we have to be sorry for. It just means¬†we are one step closer on our life path to discovering our true selves. So flaws should¬†be celebrated because of that, and not something we should be shamed for.

03. Following Your Dreams and Passions

Just like 01, your dreams and passions are not up to anyone else. You get to decide! So¬†never allow the world to make you feel sorry or ashamed of what you want and how¬†you’re going to achieve them. You want to put your blood, sweat, and tears into¬†starting a new business but your friends/family are giving you grief because you’re¬†‘never around anymore’ or ‘never return their calls or texts’? Tell them you can’t keep¬†people in your life that don’t support what you’re working your booty off to achieve.

Ain’t nobody got time for negativity!

Or, someone tries to tell you the thing you want most in life is stupid or not worth it?¬†Or that you’ll never be able to reach it? That’s not their decision, and not their right to¬†dictate to you how you should spend your time and effort. It’s your life, it’s your¬†passion, and your dream; never be sorry for going after what your heart wants. Even¬†if you fail, at least you tried, you learned, and you will continue on your life path.

04. Saying No

This one is a big one. People always try to convince to me go do something I don’t want¬†to, and then make me feel guilty or bad for not wanting to. Why has this become OK?

If I don’t want to go to a party or an event, no one has the right to make me feel like I’m¬†a ‘bad friend’ for not wanting to go. Doesn’t that seem hypocritical, since they’re¬†technically being the bad friend for trying to shame me into going to something I don’t¬†want to?

Its OK to say no! Never apologize for standing up for yourself, and saying no. Say ‘yes’¬†to saying ‘no!’ You will feel so much more in control of your life and your happiness¬†when you stop allowing others to choose or tell you what you should do.

05. Telling The Truth

Just like the saying goes, the truth hurts sometimes. But in the end, the truth is more¬†important than sugar-coating things or telling white lies to avoid offending or hurting¬†someone’s feelings.

Now, don’t go around purposely being mean or nasty, but stop lying. Lying never leads¬†to anywhere positive or good. Just tell the raw, honest truth but do it in a nice way. I¬†promise it’s better! But… stop saying sorry when you do it. The truth needs to be said.

06. Loving Someone

And here’s another popular saying, “It’s better to have loved, and lost, than to have¬†never loved at all.”

It sucks, but it’s true, people. We need to allow ourselves to be open to loving others,¬†even when it ends up breaking our hearts, because that is also a continual rite of¬†passage and path of growth as humans that we must travel on.

Yes, we all have at some time or another loved someone we maybe shouldn’t have.¬†Me? yeah, I’ve done it twice. But I won’t apologize for it, even if the world¬†wants me to feel bad or even stupid for doing it. “Well, you should have known¬†better,” the world might say. Or, “Don’t make that mistake again.

But, in all honesty, I don’t regret anyone I’ve loved, even though both of them hurt¬†me tremendously and broke me down to almost nothing. I don’t regret it and I will¬†not apologize for it. The beauty about choosing to love, despite the potential of¬†rejection, pain, heart-break, and sometimes trauma; is that it opens us up to love on¬†new levels that we only can reach through choosing to love someone. It’s the¬†necessary evil our hearts need to experience.

So, even if it ends in a heart break, it is always worth it to love someone, and it’s never¬†something you should apologize for.

07. Standing Up For What You Believe In

This has been one I’ve felt like I need to apologize for my whole life. I am a member of¬†the LDS Church, or better known as, I am a Mormon. I grew up outside of Philadelphia,¬†where the members of my church were far and few between. In high school, my twin¬†sister and I constantly dealt with feeling ashamed or having to apologize for what we¬†believed in because of our religion. “Sorry, we don’t drink.” “Sorry, we don’t have sex.”

Etc, etc, etc….

It’s ironic that as a society we all want to believe in something; yet if that something¬†we choose to believe in is not up to “society standards”, then we feel like we should¬†apologize for it.

Why are we being so straight up #savage to one another guys??

If you believe in something (granted it’s not something hurtful to others, extremist¬†and/or violent, hateful, or anything of that nature,) don’t let the world make you feel¬†sorry for it.

One of the most beautiful things about everyone on the planet is how we all believe in different  things, yet we can (sometimes) find ways to coexist and support one another.

If we all believed in the same thing, conformed to the same ideals and standards and thoughts, this world would be a boring, awful place.

08. Being a Strong, Intelligent, Confident Woman

Historically, we as women have been apologizing since apparently the apple situation¬†with Eve. We’ve needed to apologize for having voices, for wanting power, for wanting¬†to show some more skin, for having emotions, for wanting to vote, for wanting to not¬†need a man in order to have worth.

In more modern day scenarios, we live in a world of business tycoons and a world¬†catered to men, who want us to live in a certain check-listed set of ideals or else we¬†need to apologize for not being that type of ‘woman.’

Just like the whole feminist supportive uprising and #metoo movement that has¬†recently been gaining momentum, we are finally standing up for being assertive,¬†powerful, intelligent women; and we don’t want to apologize for it any longer.

There is nothing wrong with being confident, feeling sexy and beautiful in our own skin, and being a go-getter business woman. Stop apologizing for it.

Ladies, we need to stand up for ourselves, speak our truths, and go do the damn¬†thing! We do what we want, we work hard for what we want, and we won’t¬†say sorry anymore about it.

09. Having Emotions

For some reason, it has become socially normal to make people, especially women, feel ashamed for having emotions.

Personally, in my ex-marriage I was told I could never show my emotions in front of¬†my ex, and that if I needed to cry I could do so in our closet upstairs with the door¬†shut. You’re probably thinking I’m making that up, and I wish I was!

The world, just like my scenario, wants us to hide our emotions as well. If you cry¬†you’re weak and vulnerable, ¬†or if you get upset or angry you’re a crazy bitch.

Emotions are another beautiful part, built into our DNA, that allows us as humans to love, to feel, to enjoy, and to grow. Feeling ashamed of them and apologizing for reacting a certain way or feeling a certain way is literally going against the way we are designed. We have emotions for a reason!

So if you want to laugh at something inappropriate, do it. I do all the time! Cry if you’re¬†sad or hurting, and get upset if you need to about that guy that just broke up with you¬†after a year in a weak, selfish text message (because hellloooo that’s so lame!)

Emotions are beautiful, they are cleansing, and they are necessary. Stop saying sorry for them!

10. For Not Being Perfect

We all seem to be trying to live up to impossible standards, and then feel the need to apologize for not achieving them.

“Sorry I’m wearing too much makeup,” “Sorry I’m not skinny enough,” “Sorry

I’m not smart enough,” “Sorry I’m too feisty,” “Sorry I have too many opinions.”

It’s a¬†vicious and exhausting cycle of empty sorries and never met ideals.¬†This one definitely correlates with 02, and quite honestly anything I’ve listed here, but¬†sometimes it is the hardest one to break the habit of.

If we make a mistake, we feel shame and guilt, and feel like we are no longer good¬†enough. If we can’t reach a certain standard we feel defeated.

We have to stop feeling and saying sorry for not being “perfect”, and instead embrace¬†ourselves the way we are, and celebrate the things we do achieve and the things we¬†do have. Comparison is the true thief of joy, and we can’t keep measuring ourselves up¬†to the social media picture perfect agenda that is constantly shoved down our throats.

Life is not all kittens, rainbows, donuts, and incredible vacations like we see on our feeds; its messy, dirty, painful, and awful sometimes but that is why it is amazing.


So how do we avoid saying sorry? It seems kind of hard, but that’s because we have¬†habitually been saying sorry for everything. An easy way to try and break yourself

of the habit, is to replace a “sorry” with a “thank-you.”

¬† ¬†– ¬†Instead of saying, “Sorry I’m late,” say, “Thank you for waiting for me.”

¬† ¬†– ¬†Instead of saying, “Sorry I missed your call,” say, “Thank you for understanding that I

¬† ¬† ¬† have a busy schedule and needed to call you back when I had time.”

¬† ¬† – Instead of saying, “Sorry I made a mistake,” say, “Thank you for understanding I am

¬† ¬† ¬† not perfect, and for helping me learn and grow from my mistakes.”


See? I dare you to try it.

I’ve been doing it since Monday and I’ve noticed a HUGE¬†change! It’s very freeing to not feel so constricted within this awful apology society¬†we have been living in.

If we keep saying sorry, even for the things we aren’t even sorry for, we are continuing¬†to enable to societal problem, and digging ourselves deeper into this shame/guilt¬†culture.

Like are you really sorry Carol, that you’re late to lunch? I don’t think so, because

you’re always late! If you were sorry, you would change your behavior and not be late

anymore. How about instead of apologizing every time you’re late, just embrace that

you’re an always-late-kinda-person and just show up when you can and say, “Thanks

for waiting guys!”

Don’t be like Carol, guys. Just own who you are an stop handing out empty apologies.


Back to my original story about this past Monday, and my awful, terrible, no good mood.

I decided that night as I laid in bed and replayed everything I had done in my head, and all the stupid reactions I had had, that I wouldn’t feel sorry for it.

Instead, I contemplated how I could have better handled the stress, the frustration, and the maddening amounts of flights I had to change and angry emails and texts I was getting blaming me for things that were not my fault… instead I would choose to react differently next time and just let it go and move on. I would learn and grow from it, but not be sorry for how it played out.


The only thing I will be sorry for from now on, is not being sorry. I own who I am, and I unapologetically embrace and love the woman I have become. I didn’t walk through the hellfire I’ve experienced just to be sorry for the incredible strength I’ve gained and the places it has led me to. This is me, and I’m not sorry for it.

maybe one day we’ll finally
learn to love ourselves and
stop apologizing for the things
that make us who we are
-r.m. drake




4 thoughts on “#sorrynotsorry

  1. Wow, wow, wow! When i first saw your blog title, i was like okay…..i got curious and read to the very end! This is very empowering! We shouldn’t have to be apologetic for being whom we are! This is a great blog and i loooove it! You go girl. More power!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For me I apologize so often because at my core I am sorry for existing. People see it as a weakness or get annoyed at it like someone who says ‘like’ every other word or something but they don’t absorb that I am actually 100% sorry every time I say it.We need more reminders such as yours.

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