Dollar Flight Club

If you’re anything like me, you dream and fantasize about traveling more than anything else!

Sintra, Portugal

For years I wasted so much time NOT traveling, because I was worried about spending the money, and taking the time to search for flights. It all seemed like so much effort and I honestly was scared!

But thats the thing about dreams… they have to scare us a little bit! If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be worth dreaming about in the first place!

The Road Less Traveled… Literally.

Here’s where that sinking feeling of FOMO or regret comes in; thinking about all the amazing traveling and exploring I could have already been doing!

If I only knew what I know today, I could have checked off so many more places on my world bucket list!

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Sagres, Portugal


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Salamanca, Spain

We woke up at the crack of daylight to catch our train to Salamanca.
It felt bittersweet that we couldn’t spend one more day in Seville, because I loved it! But I knew Salamanca would have some great things to see and explore too so I was excited to get there, especially because it was our last city in Spain before we headed to Portugal!
I think I slept the entire train ride, and then groggily followed Heather and Jess into the train station.
Originally we were only supposed to spend the day in Salamanca, and take a train late that night to Porto, Portugal. However, we got mixed up with the dates and realized our night train wasn’t until the next night. So we quickly utilized the Airbnbapp on my phone and booked an amazing little apartment a few blocks behind the train station.
We mapped our way to walk there, and as we left the train station noticed a pretty cool statue out front depicting a crusader knight riding a unicorn, also carrying a small dragon. It seemed super random, but I loved it!
Our Airbnb apartment was incredible!
Heather and Jess had their own bedroom with a Queen bed, and I did too! Plus there was even a third bedroom, a very nice front sitting room, and a full kitchen with a partially stocked pantry and fridge. We definitely scored with this one!
We were feeling pretty weary from the early morning, and since we had two whole days there, we decided it was in our best interest if we took a nice long siesta. Honestly, it was the best choice we could have made! After feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, we all put on a few extra layers and headed out to explore.

Plaza Mayor

Our main goal that evening was to find somewhere amazing to eat, and to see the Plaza Mayor, which apparently was only about a 15 minute walk from where we were staying.
On our way, we made several stops which all seemed to be churches. If there’s one thing not lacking in Spain, it’s definitely chapels and churches!
Finally, we found the Plaza Mayor, which is considered the heart of Salamanca. Heather had been excited to see it, and was a little disappointed that we couldn’t see it in all its’ glory because there was some sort of stage being set up in the center for an event the next day.
Have you seen the movie Vantage Point? It was filmed here! 
However, it was still very impressive to see! Especially all lit up at night. There was even an adorable group of school girls from Scotland who we talked to briefly. They were there on a school trip… talk about a super cool school trip! (I think the coolest ones I went on were to Toronto, New Orleans, and Orlando!)
Loved the vibe of all the lit up buildings 
We eventually decided we wanted Italian food for dinner, and after some wanderings we found Restaurante A’Tarantella(which does not translate to tarantula as we first thought. It’s actually a dance from southern Italy).
Although we were 3 of the 5 customers in the restaurant, it took over an hour to get our food. We hoped this meant they were literally making our food from scratch. So when our food did arrive we ravenously ate everything. All the carbs!!
Our favorite dish by far was the gnocchi, which was bathed in this cheesy sauce that must have been poured down straight from the heavens. Literally, I could have taken a bath in it. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten, and I will dream about it forever.
After dinner we moseyed on back to our place, and fell into a carb induced coma.

Old Vs New

We had a long, full day ahead of us. Our host at our Airbnb was soooo accommodating and was allowing us to stay until 11 pm with our stuff, instead of having to check out at 3 pm and carrying everything with us.
So, with that in mind we started out to explore more of Salamanca in the daylight.
We headed towards a main part of the city which had some tourist hot spots, centered around  the University of Salamanca. The campus itself was incredible, surrounding by narrow, stone streets and old buildings. I imagined attending school there would be such a different experience than mine in Utah.
 Standing in the streets leading up to the University of Salamanca, which you can see the tall tower in the background 
Of course we saw many, many churches too, including the old and new Cathedrals of Salamanca. The newer part was built attached to the older one, which it’s really amazing that they decided to not tear down the old one, and preserve it as history.
The Old Cathedralwas originally built in the 12th century, and seeing the tombs and chapel rooms was incredible. Thinking that people so long ago were in there worshiping and praying was a pretty humbling thought. Although there were some particularly spooky looking carved people in the sides of some of the walls that I couldn’t even take pics of because they would haunt me forever!
The New Cathedralwas built between the 16th and 18th centuries, with Gothic and Baroque influences. It was beautiful! It reminded me slightly of the cathedral we had seen in Seville.
We wandered around with headphone audio tours, and listened to facts about each section of the cathedral. I was particularly moved by one section, which gave a quote from Blessed John Paul II on November 1, 1982 (and mind you, these are notes I quickly tried to type on a note in my phone so they are not completely accurate or complete, but gives you the general idea!):
“I ask you to widen the soul and not to shy away from your desires… open yourselves up to the future, and risk yourselves. Don’t stop until you’ve reached the source of life, come what may, whatever happens, whoever whispers, even if you die on the road to get there. At least in the end you made the effort to get there, and you’ll remain steadfast in that place that gives you life, even if the entire world sinks below it.”
Now of course, Blessed John Paul II is referring to Jesus Christ as the source of life, which He is my main source of life too, but the beauty of this quote, I think, is that it can also apply to anything in your life. Drive yourself towards whatever it is that makes you feel alive… it’s so deep guys! I love it!
We wandered back through the streets around the cathedrals, and stumbled into a funny Halloween party with the faculty of the University. It made me happy that they were all dressed, some in pretty impressive group costumes, for the holiday. We also perused some gift shops, and of course ate gelato (because gelato was my life on this trip!)

Riding on the Crazy Train

The rest of the afternoon we walked and explored most of Salamanca. We decided to head back to the Airbnb, with some groceries to make dinner, and hang out until we had to go catch our night train to Portugal!
We made some delicious spaghetti (although nothing will ever again compare to that gnocchi from the previous night!) and then we took a siesta for a few hours.
Our train left at 11 PM from the train station, and it was a sleeper train which I was excited to ride on. Little did we know the adventure that was in store!
Our tickets mentioned that the cars were separated by sex, which we thought was odd. Would they seriously split up a husband and wife?? Well the answer was yes, yes they would.
When we got to the train to board, the conductor instructed Heather and I to enter one car, and pointed down to the next car for Jess.
So, Heather and I entered our car and the two girl already in there seemed more than unhappy with our appearance. Not wanting to really disturb them, we shoved our bags under the bunk beds hanging from the walls, and climbed into our beds.
I took the top, and I regretted not taking something to sleep; because I didn’t sleep at all. The train moved a ton (because that’s what trains do) and the room was so hot, especially being on the top bunk!
However, it was an adventure, and despite not sleeping I was still grateful to have had it and to now be in Porto, Portugal!!

Seville, Spain

*To read from the beginning of the trip, read here: Barcelona & Alicante

As described in my earlier post about Alicante, we arrived in Seville much later than anticipated.

We got to the train station well past sunset, and decided to get a taxi to our Airbnb. The taxi ride was a little on the crazy side as he drive fast and the furious style through these ridiculously tiny cobbled streets! Dom Toretto would be proud.

Our Airbnb was in an adorable town square; on the third floor of an apartment building across from a church and in the middle of two restaurants. Our host, Manuel, met us and gave us the tour, which it was so sweet of him to do so since it was after midnight. He even gave us some pamphlets of places he suggested we go and see, including a flamenco show the following night.

This was probably the funniest of all of our sleeping arrangements in our airbnb’s, because my twin bed was in the kitchen right next to the table while Heather and Jess had a full bedroom. But you know what? I snuggled right up in that bed that was underneath the AC unit and I slept like a rock that night!

The Dreamiest Little Town

The next morning we woke up at 8 and were out the door by 915 to begin exploring this new place. Seville was one of the most anticipated and most recommended places on our agenda in Spain, and I could not wait!

Feeling the heavy drag of travel and little sleep, we found a cafe to grab some Cokes and croissants (breakfast of champions!)

There’s cute Heather with her bag of warm croissants… and a random dude rocking double plaid #spainfashion

We headed towards the main square in the city, Plaza del Triunfo, where several of the main attractions we would want to see were.


Every building had beautiful accents like this on them.. each one earned all the heart eyes from me!
The streets were narrow, but so adorable!

Even just walking through those small dreamy streets towards the plaza, I was instantly twitter-pated with everything. Seville was love at first sight for me! Around every corner and everywhere I looked, were adorable building, homes, and street ways.

Realizing the wait to get into the incredible palace, Royal Alcazar , would take quite some time, we bought tickets online instead for 1:30 and walked to an outdoor market place called Plaza de Espana.

You Mosaic Me So Happy

Again, even just walking the mile or so to reach Plaza de Espana was worthwhile. We made a pit stop to walk through Universidad De Seville, which was bustling with young

Universidad De Seville : I wanted to apply just because how cool would it be to go to a school that looks like this??

students, and so impressed us with the incredible architecture of the old buildings. I commented that I felt like we were in Hogwarts!

We made our way several more blocks, stopping at random buildings to admire them, and finally entered into the ever so impressive Plaza de Espana!

The plaza, which apparently was originally built for the Spanish-American Exhibition of 1929, has now become an outdoor market of sorts and major tourist attraction.

Plaza De Espana is ridiculous!

The long wings of the building wrap in a semi-circle formation, inside of which a moat perimeters the courtyard that was filled with gondolas. There is also a giant splashing fountain in the center of it all.

Walking around me admired some fans being sold by a street vendor, and then studied each of the painted tile mosaic depictions of the different Spanish provinces (in case you were wondering, there are 49!) Each ceramic mosaic was beautiful!

With tall, sweeping columns and gorgeous painted bridges, this place definitely stole a piece of my heart.

Jess and his sister wives: sitting inside one of the province mosaic alcoves
I adored the painted bridges!



Royally Impressed

The time came for us to return back to the place I was looking forward to the most in Seville, which was the Royal Alcazar! If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you will recognize this place as the country of Dorne from the series (and a huge reason why I was so stoked to go!) Also a word of advice: if you have a student ID that can still be deemed relevant, use it to your advantage! My ticket was only 2 euros while the other two were 10 euros a piece! 

Alcazar was originally built by the Moors in the 13th century as a fortress, but then when Peter the Cruel of Castile became King in the 14th century, he expanded it to the palace it is today. He apparently earned the nickname because he married and quickly abandoned several wives; he may have been terrible but he had some good taste when it came to designing a castle!

Every doorway was intricate, and incredible
Can you even handle how amazing all that detail is?! Clearly Heather is over there texting someone about it 🙂 

The name Alcazar stems from the hispano-arabic word Alcasr  which translates basically to “royal house” or “room of the prince.” And it was indeed, a royal place to behold.

Since the fortress has Moorish beginnings, the architecture and tile-work through out is breathtaking; from arched doorways decorated with colorful tiles to the incredibly decorated domed ceilings.

We walked through every room, admiring every corner and courtyard to its’ fullest. I was blown away with how beautiful it all was. And we had not even made it out into the gardens yet!

This is the famous Courtyard of the Maidens, which refers to the legend that the Moors demanded 100 virgins every year as tribute from Christian kingdoms in Iberia (*taken from Wikipedia)
One of the incredible domed ceilings.. I literally laid on the floor underneath to admire it fully!(No shame)

The gardens have been added to and developed over the last few centuries, and are so worth walking through. Walking across the high walled walkway, the Galeria de Grutescos, we had a great view across the expansive grounds. Parts were unfortunately closed off for preservation of the plants, but we could still at least admire it all from above.

Part of the view from the Galeria de Grutescos
If only you could be there to see it in person, and hear all the adorable green parrots singing in the trees!! 

We were able to make our way through the hedge maze in the back, which literally only took us 2 minutes to solve. So either we were super smart OR the maze was ridiculously easy so children could play in them.

Following the love birds through the maze


It might have been easy… but it was still really cool!

My final thoughts as we finished exploring, was that if and when I ever get married again I would love to take photos in this magical place; maybe even get married there! Can you just imagine how cool it would be to get married somewhere with so much history and with this kind of scenery as your backdrop??

Take Me to Church

As sad as I was to leave the Real Alcazar, I knew we had so much more to explore! We headed across the Plaza del Triunfo to check out the The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See; or more well known as Seville Cathedral.

Seville Cathedral
This bronze statue at the entrance symbolizes ‘The Triumph of Faith”

It was GIANT! It took up 2 whole blocks I think! And it was soo tall! I mean, it was not nearly as massive as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but it was definitely still a sight to behold. Currently, this cathedral is the 4th largest in the world!

It is a Roman Catholic Church, the highest point standing 138 feet above the plaza. And we should know, we snuck up the tower with a Chinese tour group and hiked up the 35 flights to the top! It was windy but beautiful!

View from the tower before the rains!

As we made our way back down it began pouring outside, so we took our time walking through the church admiring the over-the-top intricacies and the super gaudy decors.

I mean, does the pulpit really need to be made of gold?? Although, for the most part, it was very beautiful.

I loved the giant columns inside!

One of the most interesting things inside was the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Yep, you read that right! Good old Chris Columbo is laid to rest in Spain.

My brother in law served an LDS Christian mission in the Dominican Republic, and he says the locals swear they have the remains of Christopher Columbus buried close to La Romana. In fact, when I was there a few years ago I remember seeing advertisements to go tour his tomb there, which we decided against.

So the question is, who really has him? Spain or the Dominican Republic?? My bet is on Spain, and I’m sure since it was such a popular tourist attraction in the DR that they still pretend that they have his remains so they can still bring in some tourists and money.

Whatever the case, it was cool to see his tomb. It humbles me greatly to think of the incredible bravery it took for explorers like him to take those journeys back in the 1400s. I mean.. let’s not get into the whole “He really landed in the DR and not the Americas and raped and pillaged and murdered many of the locals” topic though… but it’s still very humbling nonetheless.


We finished the day exploring more of Seville. We ate a tapas lunch at a bull fighting themed restaurant that had dozens of bull heads lining the walls (I think they’re so cute and it made me sad!)

A random intersection across the river
Standing on the Puente San Telmo bridge over the Canal de Alfonso XIII… That tower in the back on the left is the gold tower. 

Then we walked to the golden tower which was not worth the 5 euros to climb, and then made our way to the bull fighting arena which was also not worth the 10 euros to see the inside of. We walked across the bridge to the other side of the river, walked a few blocks, and decided to just head back to the Airbnb until it was time to go to the flamenco show!

Our host, Manuel, sold us on buying tickets to go see a local flamenco show, and it was beyond my expectations! The dancers literally left me speechless!

They exploded across the stage with quick footwork and big, flowy dresses! Literally, the entire hour I had goose bumps across my body, and I was literally mesmerized by them! There were two female dancers (one of which was beautiful and curvy, and Jess referred to her as “big sassy”), and one male, and they were accompanied by a female singer and a male singer who also played the guitar. And when I say he played the guitar, he legit was the most insanely talented guitar player Ive ever heard in person!


We walked home through the small alleyways (like the one pictured!) This may look super sketchy, but I never once felt unsafe.

We also wandered through a few shops, ate more gelato (because gelato is my life on vacation!) and then went to bed.



Tomorrow we would leave for Salamanca, and after that we would be heading into Portugal! I loved Seville, and I definitely could have spent at least another day there exploring. You always learn things while you travel, because sometimes you never know what a city will be like until you get there. So if and when I am in Spain again, I will for sure return to Seville.



Alicante Spain : The City of Light

*To read about our previous days in Barcelona, check it out here!

I was excited to leave the hustle and business of Barcelona, and head south to our next destination of Alicante. However, we made 2 mistakes and nearly missed our train south.

After some major mishaps trying to navigate the metro system (which is so damn confusing in Barcelona!) we made it to the train station, Sant Estacio. A very kind local man helped us through the final turnstiles with his metro pass, because we had not purchased enough “stops” on ours and were stuck behind the closed automatic doors. This was mistake numero uno (yeah.. that’s about the extent of my Spanish!) That man deserves all the good karma in the world for helping a few stupid tourists out of a jam!

So just a word of advice for anyone traveling in Barcelona, make sure to get enough stops on your metro pass! May seem obvious… but it wasn’t to us! You’re welcome 🙂

We nearly missed our train too, because here is where we made mistake numero dos! We had pre-purchased our euro-rail train passes which in the long run saved us a tonnnnn of money with reservation fees. However, our mistake was we didn’t realize the first day we used them we have to get them validated with our passports before we could get on the train!

So after waiting in line to board and being told we needed validations, we hurried and waited in another long line, all the while trying NOT to majorly lose our sh*t about missing our train!

About twenty anxiety-induced sweaty minutes later, we did in fact make it onto our first train of the trip, and headed south for Alicante!

So another word of advice, make sure your tickets are validated BEFORE you try to board your train! Or else you may end up just hopping on the hot mess express instead!

Riding the Loco Bus

I’ll be honest, I slept most of the train ride! Although I did take a quick journey with my sister Heather up to the snack car and ordered a delicious croissant egg sandwich! The views that I did see out the windows included beautiful beaches on the left side, and gorgeous green hills and mountains to the right.

Once we arrived, we had to take a bus to our Airbnb. As we waited at the bus stop we laughed at the fact that since Barcelona we kept seeing giant ads for a European clothing company showcasing Jon Hamm as the model. Apparently Spain is in love with Jon!

While we waited at the stop, we were trying to figure out which bus to take. This insane old witch lady decided it was her personal mission to ‘help us’ get on the right bus. Jess (my brother in law) said she wasn’t really speaking Spanish, but that is was more like gibberish. She kept shouting excitedly “bush.. bush!” (pronounced boosh). We figured this meant bus?

So, we stupidly followed her onto the next bus and quickly realized she was insane and probably didn’t even know where she was going herself! After arriving at the bus station and watching her walk away, hysterically laughing and snorting while still saying “bush”. A few more euros later and we finally got on the right bus.

Our Airbnb was located pretty close to the heart of town, so we walked a few blocks to grab the keys from a pre-determined lock box location, and then made our way back to our flat.

This place was a one room studio, on the first floor of an apartment building, which also had a bathroom that opened out onto a small patio where we could hang our laundry. Immediately I started laughing when I saw my sister and Jess’ real bed by the front door, and then my ‘couch bed’ right across from it; because it wasn’t a couch at all but instead was a bunch of wooden pallets with cushions on top! In fact, all the other furniture in the flat was made from pallets! Honestly, it was pretty impressive what the owner made from them!

The infamous crate bed… conveniently right next to the kitchen just how I like it

Jokes aside, though, my crate couch bed was surprisingly comfortable. We all decided to take a short siesta while we ran a load of laundry and then we would go exploring!

The City of Light

Alicante has a very old history, the earliest signs of settlement coming from artifacts around the Castillo de Santa Barbara that date back to 3000-5000 BC. Over the centuries they were populated by the Greeks, Phoenicians, the Romans, and then the Moors in the 11th century. The Moors gave the city it’s modern name, Alicante, which in Arabic means ‘city of lights.’

Speaking of Castillo de Santa Barbara, that was where we were headed to explore.

Hiking up the Castillo De Santa Barbara

This amazing fortress is set right on top of Mount Benacantil, and once we started walking up towards it we quickly realized how steep this climb was. By the time we reached the top were were hot and sweaty, especially since it was a humid 83 degrees outside!


The castle is amazing, and it was humbling to walk around and realize how old the history was under our feet. There was also a display of pottery pieces from different time periods, some of which dated back to the Bronze Age.



A gorgeous view from one of the back walkways inside the castle

There was a wall display of all of these broken pieces of pottery, from all different times, on this one wall.


I stood and stared at it for awhile, feeling like these broken pieces of pottery were literally speaking to my soul. Remember in this post how I explain that my heart is like a broken piece of pottery, and I am constantly finding new pieces and putting them back together?

Yeah. This wall spoke to me. It was so beautiful. I even stood there when everyone else walked out, and touched a few of the pieces with my eyes closed. (Even though there was a sign that said NO TOUCHING in Spanish… but I don’t speak Spanish so… oops. #sorrynotsorry

Each piece was so beautiful and I wished I could have known each of their stories

Sometimes I hope that I will feel the energy from someone else, feel a part of their story, their heart, from whatever has been absorbed into it. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but hey, I believe that stuff can really happen.


The view from the top of the castle was incredible. On one side  is the ocean, and the other you can see the entire city and beyond to the mountains rising in the distance. It really was worth the climb.

Views from the cannon side of the top of the castle
Views of the ocean from the other side of the castle













For all you other GOT fans out there, this place was considered to be used for some scenes with Daenerys in one of the first seasons. However, Alicante declined to have them shoot there in order to preserve the castle, which I can’t say I blame them.


The rest of the night we walked to a local mercado and grabbed some stuff to make dinner (obviously including four delicious warm baguettes, because carbbbbssss!) While we made dinner, we closed all the large wooden shudders covering the nearly wall length windows. Every so often I would look up and notice that some of the had opened again, and I would go shut them again. This happened repeatedly.

I asked Heather if she had been opening them again and she said no, and neither had Jess. Then we started noticing they continued to open spontaneously on their own. After dinner I showered first, and thought I saw a shadow several times go by the glass doors.

The shudders Ferdinand opened all night

Heather and I started joking that there must be a ghost who lived in the apartment, who we named Ferdinand. When we eventually went to bed, I tossed and turned because of the loud and rowdy men who hung out across the street at the kebab place until almost 3 am. So, since I was awake I noticed the lights constantly turning off and on in the kitchen, and the bathroom. I also heard things moving and falling in the kitchen. Heather heard them too. Ferdinand is apparently a night owl!

More Bus Probs

The next morning we were supposed to catch our train to Seville. Our train left at about 10 am,  so we packed up and said our goodbyes to Ferdinand and the crate furniture, and headed to the bus stop. Unfortunately, we got on the right bus but going in the wrong direction (and this time we had no crazy old lady to blame!) Once we realized we couldn’t make our train, we changed our tickets when we finally arrived at the station and had to kill about 6 hours until the next train at 5 PM.

I always believe things happen for a reason, and while we were all frustrated that we missed our train I think it ended up being a happy accident. Because of our extra time we got to explore more of Alicante, including the old town neighborhood and the really beautiful walkway and outdoor market by the ocean, called La Explanada De Alicante.

Walking along La Explanada De Alicante with our backpacks and all
A cute alleyway in Old Town Alicante
Basilica of Santa Maria

So we made the best of our extra time. We looked at some local merchants’ tents, we sat by the ocean, ate some delicious gelato (obviously!) and grabbed some lunch at a local little shop.

There was a moment by Postiguet Beach where Heather and I noticed a very disabled man sitting on the sidewalk with a cup, hoping people walking by would spare some change. He had a severely deformed foot, which made walking very difficult and I’m sure incredibly painful for him. As we sat there waiting for Jess to meet up with us, the wind picked up and blew his cup away. He frantically tried to get up and walk after it as best he could, but instantly Heather and I knew he would never catch it. We watched as no one helped him, and without even speaking it out loud we both knew we needed to help him.

In my best Spanish I asked him, “necesitas ayude?” which means “do you need help?”. He said yes and Heather and I dashed after his cup which was about to blow into the busy traffic of the street. We were successful, and we brought it back to him, and he was very grateful. We each put a few of our coins into his cup, to help him out and especially to weigh the cup down so it wouldn’t blow away again.

Honestly, I like to think that maybe this small moment was the reason we were meant to miss our train. Maybe if we hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have been able to get his cup back, and maybe he wouldn’t have been able to receive enough money to eat that day. My heart aches for him, and for how awful people must be to him on a daily basis, or how most people choose to look right through him instead of seeing him as one of our brothers who needed help. I wish I could have done more for him than we did, but I felt good about the fact that we helped him at all.

Train Proposals

We boarded our train for Seville, and we snagged one of the 4 seated sections that face one another with a table in the middle so we could all sit together. Of course Heather and Jess sat together across from me, and the seat next to me was empty (and I hoped it would stay that way.) Alas, I was in for a rude awakening.

An older gentleman boarded the train, and took one look at Heather and I (Jess was currently in the bathroom) and immediately sat next to me, diving into speaking a blur of quick and excited Spanish. I started laughing and tried to tell him in Spanish that we did not speak the language. He then tried speaking with us in very broken English.

Heather took some Snap Chat videos of Juan spittin his game on me… can you tell how uncomfortable I am? I kept writing my hands I had so much anxiety!!

His name was Juan. He was a local farmer heading to visit his mother. He also loved to paint. What else did he apparently love? Me. Oy.

When Jess returned he spoke with Juan in Spanish, and started laughing, relaying the message to us that Juan thought we were both married to Jess. Juan was offering Jess money to take me off his hands, the one with the “hair the color of the sun” and my apparently long eyelashes that Juan just could not get over.

At this point I was becoming rapidly uncomfortable sitting next to Juan. He was allll up in my personal space, and every time I tried to look at my phone he would lean over wondering what I was looking at. He begged me to add him on Facebook, and even gave me his business card, promising to paint me in a picture and send it to me.

He told me he had never really left his home town, and had never been to Seville where we were going. I told him “You can’t miss out on life Juan, you gotta YOLO it up!” And he asked “What is this YOLO?” and I explained what YOLO meant. I told him, “Now you say it, ‘YOLO’!” He did and seemed to not really understand it, but it was funny to try and explain it.

The train gods looked down on me that day with kindness, and thankfully Juan got off the train on the first stop after 20 painful minutes. As he left he kissed us all goodbye on the cheeks, and then shouted happily as he left, “ADIOS! YOLO!” That moment made all of the awkwardness worth it.

ADIOS, YOLO indeed!